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  • 5 Important Questions One Should Ask A Builder Before Buying A Property
    July 6, 2018


    5 important questions one should ask a builder before buying a property

    Buying a home is truly a dream come true with years of planning. Whether it’s an investment or buying your ideal abode, desires and the type of home various from people to people. It is crucial to be well-informed about the property and process, and have a checklist or a questionnaire to ask your builder before buying a property.

    Here are few important questions you should ask your builder/developer before signing the agreement of the property:

    1. Project Location

    It is recommended to check the locality and neighbourhood of the project. Also, enquire about the upcoming social infrastructures and developments to ensure if your project is in a developing locality. Knowing about the project proximity to schools, colleges, supermarkets etc. is imperative. Not to mention the road accessibility and connectivity to the project location.

    2. Quality of Construction

    Crosschecking the quality of construction is essential. Ask the builder about all the materials used in construction right from the foundation till the finished doors, windows. Take a tour of the property and its premises to get a better understanding of the quality of construction.

    3. Thorough check on the Project

    Ask the builder for the blue print of the project and the floor plans for a detailed study. Also, check on all the legal documents of the property such as Title Deed, Encumbrance Certificate, Property Tax Receipts, Building Approval Plan, Building Completion Certificate (BCC) etc.

    4. Delivery timeline

    Enquire with the builder on the delivery schedule: Check if the current timelines is matching with the said schedule.

    5. Facilities and Amenities you are actually getting

    Verify with your builder on all the promised facilities and amenities. A site visit of the property will help you understand that. Parking, lifts, fire alarms, power backup, leisure amenities like health club, swimming pool etc. are few important facilities to check.Investing in a property is an extremely important decision and these questions will help you in making the right one. The more questions you can ask in the beginning, the less surprises you’ll potentially face in the future.

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