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  • Setting up a Kitchen Garden in your Apartment
    May 12, 2019

    Living in an apartment comes with a multitude of benefits and conveniences – spacious homes, plethora of amenities and facilities, desirable location and what not, you get all these under one roof. All these and what if you could grow a kitchen garden in your own apartment?
    With just a few tips, planning and some space, grow your own kitchen garden consisting of your favorite herbs, vegetables and flowering plants. Follow these effective tips to set up a successful kitchen garden in your apartment:
    1. Evaluate space
    Before you start setting up a kitchen garden in your apartment, analyze and evaluate the space well. Consider the areas that can be utilized to grow plants and finalize a spot after checking the amount of sunlight and shade available, arrangement of plants, type of plants, etc. Your kitchen garden could be anywhere in the apartment – in the storeroom, near the windows to grow herbs, hanging pots, etc.

    2. Choose a spot with adequate sunlight
    After finalizing on how to utilize space efficiently, the next step is to choose a spot that is perfect for proper growth of plants, preferably a place that receives adequate sunlight for a major portion of the day. Since plants have different light requirements, choose a spot based on the plant you have selected to grow. Plants like tomatoes, beans, cabbage and eggplants require full or partial sun while spinach, herbs and lettuce require full shade.

    3. Choose your plants wisely
    While selecting plants for your kitchen garden, choose ones that suit the weather of your location. People living in places with abundance of sunlight should opt for the aforesaid vegetables; those with less sunlight can opt for cucumber, beets, carrots and potatoes.
    Also, use high-quality soil packed with essential nitrogen and minerals to grow your plants. You can increase its fertility by using compost – a mix of fruit and vegetable remains, egg shells, used tea bags, etc.

    4. Proper utilization of space
    One of the trending technique and most efficient way of arranging your kitchen garden is to opt for vertical garden. This way, not only do you optimally utilize space but also enhance its appeal. Buy pots that can be mounted on the wall or otherwise install rail planters or hanging baskets to hang your plants. Flowering plants, beans, peas, gourds, etc. can be planted vertically without giving much attention to it for its proper growth.

    5. Water, watch and let grow
    Now that the plant, pot and space are decided, the next step is to water them adequately and wait till it rewards you. The reap rewards include a harvest of vegetables or a bunch of flowers, freshly picked from your garden. Maintain the garden with organic fertilizers, proper watering and sunlight to yield the best results and also to lead a healthy life.