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  • 4 Effective Storage Tips for a Small Bathroom
    April 25, 2018


    Bathroom is one of the most used space in a home. But with space constraints that are now common in residential projects, developers tend to limit the size of the bathroom and uses up the space to extend the apartment size. However, with adequate planning and organising of space, the bathroom can be maintained clutter-free for use.

    Here are some smart storage ideas to efficiently organise a small bathroom.

    Shelves and Cabinets

    Toiletries, medicines and other essentials like toothbrushes and oral care materials need not clutter the bathroom countertop and can be organised in a shelf or cabinet placed close to the sink for easy access. Adding a towel stand or stacking the towels in a cupboard under the sink is also helpful. Stocking soaps, toothpastes, air fresheners, etc. can be done with the use of a dressing unit or cabinet in the bathroom.

    Multi-purpose mirror

    A cabinet with mirror fitted on the outside will serve the dual purpose of providing additional space for storage as well as making the bathroom look more spacious.

    Utilise the ignored spaces

    The back of the bathroom door is often ignored when it comes to storage. Add hooks to the back of the door to hang towels, clothes or robes. The space below the bathtub can also be utilised by adding pull-drawer to store bathing supplies or kids’s bath toys.

    Storage containers

    Arranging frequently used toiletries in small storage containers is an effective space saving method which also saves money. These along with different sizes of baskets help add vanity space to the bathroom to increase the storage.

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