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  • These 5 Factors Discourage Buyers From Property Investment In A Neighbourhood
    July 25, 2018


    these 5 factors discourage buyers from property investment in a neighbourhood

    A real estate decision is often a cumulative one which often adds up many concerns an owner might have regarding the property. These concerns can also include factors relating to infrastructure, amenities, connectivity, appreciation, etc. Discouraging aspects also find their way into this analysis and prevents developing a buying decision.

    Here are top 5 factors that discourage buyers from property investment in a locality

    1. Water scarcity
    No family will agree to settle in a locality which faces severe water scarcity. Most of the buyers stay away from an area where they have to compromise on the quality and quantity of water supply. As tenants also tend to avoid such localities, the property might not turn out to be a successful neighbourhood.

    2. Power cuts
    A locality with frequent power outages is also a big discouraging factor for a buyer. Even though power back up is an amenity provided by most developers and housing societies, a neighbourhood which suffers faulty electrical connection and power outages have a negative impact on the buyer.

    3. Poor connectivity
    Lack of access to transportation nodes like busses or autos in a locality suggests that commute will be troublesome and can face a reduced enthusiasm from realtors. Properties located far from freeways, bus stops or metro stations are also not of high interest in the real estate market.

    4. Far from necessities
    Residential properties which do not have retail markets, shops, schools, healthcare facilities, banks, etc. in the vicinity is also a turn-off. Both for personal use and for renting, such properties may not incur good returns for the investor.

    5. Lack of parking
    In the times when personal vehicles are considered a necessity rather than a luxury, safe and convenient parking space is a must in residential properties. Be it an independent house, flat or a commercial property, ample parking space is an attractive feature according to buyers and investors.

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