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  • Tips To Display Artwork In Your Home
    March 28, 2018

    Tips To Display Artwork In Your Home

    Artworks brings the home alive for many. Bare walls are always better when laden with colourful art pieces and this has become a novel approach in home décor. Adding artwork to homes doesn’t just mean hanging paintings on walls, but has a deep meaning regarding its placement and the ambience it sets.

    Below listed are few tips to follow while displaying artwork in home.

    Play with spaces

    Use art to fill in the blanks in any room. From the space above the headboard of the bed to the vacant areas above the sofa sets in the living area, art pieces can be employed to complement a spacious setting.

    Bring in unexpected objects

    Artworks doesn’t always have to be paintings. Sculptures made from clay, wood or metal, paper craft, etc. can also be displayed. These also bring in great texture and versatility to the décor.


    It is not mandatory that one has to stick to conventional norms for displaying artwork at home. Unmounted canvas paintings, vintage maps, pull-down diagrams, etc. will be great for adding that extraordinary vibe as well as to bring in a yesteryear charm.

    Size doesn’t matter

    Don’t shy away from big and tall frames. These make a great centre of attraction in any room. It makes a unique statement in the setting while complimenting the room in its entirety.

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