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  • Tips For Designing A Landscaped Garden
    August 9, 2018

    Tips For Designing A Landscaped Garden

    A landscaped garden at home is the most ideal way for being one step closer to nature. Designing a garden involves careful selection of various plants and other gardening materials. One can also work to incorporate personal preferences by experimenting with different elements like a fountain, flower bed, flower pots, climbers, etc.

    Following are some tips to follow while preparing a landscaped garden at home.

    • Selection of plants

    Select plants according to the prevailing weather condition of the area. Avoid Mediterranean plans in humid coastal climate, while dry inland zones are not suitable for rainforest plants. Growing a small flowerbed and working on it slowly is the best method to start with while developing a landscaped garden. It is also vital to provide adequate space for the plants to grow.

    • Wider berths

    Provide wider pathways in the garden and avoid squeezing in a lot of plants together. The width of the passage can be decided considering space for two people to walk side by side. It should also be noted that tall plants and structures can flank the walkway and make the path wider.

    • Patio and decks

    When planning on a patio or a deck, ensure that enough space is available for outdoor entertaining. The size of the family and the number of guests planned to host must be considered. Keeping furniture outside should also be planned with enough space for circulation.

    • Focal point

    Having a focal point in the garden will be ideal to watch and enjoy the landscape. A good garden design with a series of focal points will help draw the eye and move it through the garden.

    • Sun and wind pattern

    It is ideal that the design of the garden and the placement of elements are based on the direction of the sun and the wind pattern. While landscaping, it should be noted to plan the patio or the deck in the right direction to ensure that the sun and wind do not disturb the leisure time.

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