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  • 5 Effective Tips to Childproof Your Home
    April 26, 2018

    Be it a crawling baby, a toddler or a child, they are curious beings. And because of their unpredictable behaviour and curiosity, many things at home can pose a real danger to them. Here arises the need for childproofing the home to ensure the safety and security of the little family members.

    Following are some childproofing tips for the safety of kids in your home.

    1. Furniture
    The sharp corners of the table, cabinets on wheels and rocking chairs can harm children if let unnoticed. Adding bumpers at the sharp edges of furniture and placing furniture that tip over out of reach of kids are some of the safety measures recommended.

    2. Electrical appliances and switches
    Small electrical appliances like hair dryers, toasters or iron boxes should be stored securely, while electrical switches should be covered with safety plugs or heavy furniture and the electrical cords or loose wires of appliances hidden from a crawling baby or toddler.

    3. Doors and windows
    Use door stoppers or holders to prevent the child’s fingers getting caught between the door and wall. Safety nets and window guards can be installed on windows for added safety. Also, furniture should be kept away from the windows to avoid children accessing the windows by climbing on it.

    4. Staircases
    Install baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to limit children from going up and down alone. These gates should have locks that a child cannot open on his own.

    5. Drawers and cabinets
    Lock and secure the drawers and cabinets that contain harmful items such as chemicals, tools or medicines. Locking up will also prevent the children from playing with the drawers and cabinet doors and getting hurt.

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