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  • Tips to Convert the Unused Space in Your Home into a Study Room
    June 12, 2018

    tips to convert the unused space in your home into a study room


    Children, artists and professionals require a dedicated space in their home to study or work with peace. Designing a study room out of an unused space or area like the space bedroom, guest room or corners is a smart solution to accommodate their needs.

    Here are some simple tips to make a study room from the unused spaces.

    The colour sets the ambience of the space and for a study, shades that help relax and focus should be selected. Lighter shades of yellow, green and blue are recommended. These colours also evoke a feeling of calm and peace which makes the daunting tasks of assignments and paperwork a simple one.

    Add a texture that goes with the overall d├ęcor of the home. Ceramic tiles make for a sturdy and convenient option, while wooden floors provide warmth and make the space more comfortable. Carpets can also be used to lend a welcoming appearance to the space.

    The right furniture should be comfortable and ergonomic to accommodate long working hours without any discomfort. Also, the table should be large enough to hold all the essential work material and paperwork. Tables with drawers and closed shelves are ideal for storing all the documents and stationary items.

    A combination of natural and artificial lighting is perfect for illuminating the study when used for technical drawing, graphic designing or painting purposes. A pendant lamp or a desk lamp can supplement the lighting by focusing on the particular point where one works.

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