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  • 6 Tips To Find The Right Neighbourhood For Your Children
    September 11, 2018

    tips to find the right neighbourhood for your children - apartments in calicut

    Your precious little ones are always the central thought when you’re looking out for a new home. A good neighbourhood is critical for the upbringing of your little ones. Right kind of environment and neighbourhood will help them flourish and grow into confident and fulfilled individuals.

    Here are a few tips to ensure that you choose the right neighbourhood for your children –

    1. Schools & Day-care Centres
    Perfect neighbourhood for children should simply mean quick and easy access to reputed day-care centres and schools. Not only does that make the commute easier but also ensures the safety of your children.

    2. Hospitals/Paediatric Clinics
    Kids are more prone to illnesses with the rapidly changing weather conditions. Being located near a good hospital or a paediatric clinic equipped with facilities is a necessity.

    3. Parks
    Daily dose of fresh air and open space is vital for the healthy upbringing of your children.

    4. Play areas
    Let your child enjoy the outdoors! Residential projects embracing kid’s play-area or spacious play areas within the project vicinity helps your child mingle around with other kids and also relish the outdoors.

    5. Safety
    Neighbourhood you choose should be perfect in terms of safety and security. The surroundings should have well-lit roads and passages and appropriate security equipment like CCTV surveillance and gated entrances.

    6. Recreational Amenities
    Kids love going out, whether it is to watch a movie, play games, or enjoy a meal at a restaurant. Make sure the neighbourhood you choose is located in such a place that has easy access to multiplexes, gaming zones, shopping malls, famous restaurants etc.

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