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  • Tips to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Zone
    March 24, 2019


    Home is where the heart is! It must be a stress-free sanctuary and a place for complete relaxation. With the modern lifestyle being hectic and stressful, the only place where you can unwind yourself and forget all worries is your home!

    Convert your home into a stress-free zone by following the below mentioned tips:

    1. Create your own happy space

    Find and create your own happy space at home to unwind and relax. It could be a room, balcony or just a corner near the window where you can sit in peace. Place a sofa or a bean bag and get engrossed in your thoughts. Placing a photograph series or a gift from your loved ones in the entryway can help you move over from stress and get back to home life.

    1. Add a touch of nature

    A recent study proved that adding a touch of nature or greenery to your home by placing flowers and plants will help in reducing stress. It also brings in a huge difference in mood by creating a calm environment in the room. Placing flowers and plants at home is an added advantage as they are natural air purifiers eliminating toxins from home.

    1. Declutter and organize

    A well-organized and decluttered home always looks effortlessly peaceful. Remove excess and useless items and retain only those you need. It would be better to place things in their own respective places before you leave as you don’t want to come back home being clueless about where you left things previously. Take a minimalistic approach and place furniture and décor items wisely as per your needs. This creates space and an illusion of a bigger home.

    1. Allow natural lights

    A dark and gloomy room will obviously dampen your mood. Make your home as bright and airy as possible and convert it into a refreshing space that makes you happy. Keep the windows open and let natural air and light freshen up the whole place adding to the positive energy.


    1. Choose the right colour

    The choice of paint colours at home has an impact on your mind. Using soft and neutral colours like blue, lavender, soft yellow and pink creates a soothing and calm environment at home. Using darker tones might be suitable for kitchen spaces but it would not suit bedrooms and living room.


    Stress-free living is about unwinding yourself at the end of a day and to move ahead peacefully. And there is no place better than your own home to do so. Create a stress-free zone at your home at Ladder Kerala, one of the leading builders in Calicut offering premium living spaces exclusively designed to give you that much required homely feeling! For details on our project – https://ladderkerala.com/projects/