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  • Tips to make your living room vastu-compliant
    April 7, 2019

    vaastu of apartmentsLiving room is the most commonly used area at home and it should always be welcoming and filled with a positive aura. Be it for private time with your family or for socialising, living rooms must provide an ambience for comfort and tranquillity. Follow the below listed tips to maintain such an ambience and make your living room vastu-compliant while boosting positivity.

    1. Direction

    Living rooms should always be in the East or North direction and the latter one is considered to be more beneficial for bringing wealth and health for the family. However, a house that is south-facing can have its living room in the South-East corner.
    Place the furniture and other heavy articles facing West or South direction, and TV in South-East corner. If there is no option to place it likewise, use a base of 1-3 inches height to keep them in North or North-East direction. You can also hang portraits of Gods and paintings that represent serenity in the North-East wall.

    2. Colours

    Use subtle and soothing shades for wall colours in living room like white, light yellow, blue or green as it promotes a sense of togetherness. Avoid dark tones like red, brown or black as they represent some of the fiery planets like Rahu and Shani and may disturb the energy pattern inside your home.

    3. Avoid artificial plants

    Avoid keeping artificial flowers or dried flowers in living room as it attracts misfortune and is deemed to be inauspicious. Dry flowers or plants should not be kept at home for more than a day as it brings negative energy and creates issues within the family.

    4. Lighting

    It is advised to hang a chandelier in the living room as it adds beauty and lights up the area very well. Also, avoid hanging it in the exact centre or Brahmsthan, instead hang it in the south or west side of the living room. Keep the living room well-lit throughout the day to invite positive energy.

    5. Clutter-free

    Living rooms must be kept clean and airy. Keep the North-East corner of the living room clean and clutter-free. Organize the space and create sufficient storage to keep table tops and surrounding surfaces free from any mess.

    Complying with the above stated vastu tips for living rooms will show a great deal of changes and positivity by removing negative energy and any vastu dosha that promotes quality living. Homes at Ladder Kerala, builders of fine flats and apartments in Kerala, abides to vastu guidelines and offers residential spaces that reflects positivity. For project details – https://ladderkerala.com/projects/