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  • Top 3 Decor Trends to Avoid For a Classy Home
    May 9, 2018

    top 3 decor trends to avoid for a classy home

    Décor trends tend to change with time much like fashion trends. However unlike fashion, once an interior décor is applied in a home, it is time-consuming as well as expensive to try and incorporate the latest fad. A much smarter way is to avoid following trends that are not ideal for your home.

    Here are some of the design trends that one can avoid in the décor

    1. Ostentatious display
    Some homeowners believe that adding an excessive amount of bling through shiny pieces of furniture or loud wall colours or glittering décor elements will add a glitz and glamour to the house. But in the modern age of subtle elegance and muted sophistication, bling seems a far-fetched idea to do so. Shimmer and shine can be brought on to the décor through more restrained methods like in accent pieces, cushion covers or artistic elements.

    2. Bulky furniture
    Gone are the days of bulky sofa sets or enormous glass cabinets that line the wall or multi-purpose units that hold everything from TV to crockery to photographs. But with the advent of minimalism, less is beautiful. Modern homes only accommodate practical furniture units and statement display racks that look more elegant and classy.

    3. Table and sofa covers
    Plastic or cloth covers that protect the precious wood dining table from spills and lacy covers on the sofa are trends from the bygone era. Displaying the wood furniture as it is or leaving the sofa to create an impression with its design and colour is the in thing nowadays. If the need arises, practical yet elegant cover options include colourful throws on sofas or mats on the table.

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