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  • Top 5 flooring options for homes
    July 4, 2018

    Flooring has a great influence in enhancing the overall appeal of the home. And selecting the perfect flooring involves various factors that involve safety, practicality and aesthetic appeal.

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    Here is a look at the popular types of flooring used in modern homes.

    Wooden flooring

    High on aesthetic appeal, wooden flooring is now a preferred choice of home owners. It is also attributed with the benefit if making the space look bigger. Available in several patterns like stripes, chequered and parquet, versatility is one of the key advantage of it. Durable and easy-to-clean, wooden floors are ideal for homes with babies and kids.

    Marbled flooring

    One of the widely-used flooring options, marble can be used for both interior and exteriors as well as bathrooms, pathways and balconies. Available as slabs, blocks and tiles, it is easy-to-clean, durable and dirt resistant.

    Tiled flooring

    Versatility and contemporary appeal work in favour of tiled flooring. A variety of option in tiles include rustic, ceramic, porcelain, mosaic etc. The durability and easy maintenance of tiled flooring is considered to significantly increase a home’s resale value also.

    Laminate flooring

    Laminates are synthetic flooring techniques that employ multiple layers fused by a lamination process. Also among the popular flooring types, laminate flooring is versatile, durable and easy to maintain. Ease of installation is another added advantage.

    Rubber flooring

    A water proof, fire proof and durable choice among flooring options, rubber flooring is ideal for high traffic areas. It is also suitable for kids’ rooms or play areas and is easy to clean. Even though they are resilient, rubber flooring is susceptible to water seepage and staining in some instances.

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