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  • Top 5 Location Tips For Buying An Apartment in Calicut
    April 4, 2017


    flats and apartments in Mankavu, calicut



    Investing in a residential property or flat is one of the most important decisions in your life. Since investments benefits are always changes, depending on certain key elements. Unlike any other belongings, Location play a crucial role in offering a hassle free living for the modern home buyers and investors.

    Here are top 5 location tips to consider before choosing the location for buying an Apartment in Calicut



    Closely evaluate and study the neighbourhood in terms of safety, security and availability of retail establishments etc. Make a talk with existing residents and spend some time in nearby shops will give you a clear picture about the location and neighbourhood. Also crosscheck this in terms of pollution, crime ratio, traffic and general cons and pros about the location.

    2.Proximity to Leading Social Infrastructures

    It’s important to check close proximity to leading educational institutions, shopping centres, major hospitals, religious centres and many other social infrastructures.  The easy access to these leading infrastructures will considerably reduce your daily efforts.

    3.Appreciation and Future Developments

    Calculating or predicting upcoming real estate scenarios is tough thing. It varies according to the market and influencing elements. Invest in locations and neighbourhood, that that can deliver good financial returns when you want to lease or sell it. Also make a study of upcoming developments and future infrastructure developments in the location in terms of roads, facilities etc.


    Invest in locations, which enjoy superior connectivity via all means of transportation networks and easy access from major landmarks in the city such as shopping malls, retail establishments, transportation hubs etc. Also choose projects which are easily accessible from your work space.


    Never invest in location or property that meets your current needs. Always invest in projects considering your future need, say if you have a new baby or going to have baby, choose location and projects which can grow with future and family requirements.  If you are not able to own spacious homes, then choose the ones which allows renovation and up gradation in future.

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