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  • Top 5 Luxury Home Design Trends To Follow
    September 6, 2018

    top 5 luxury home design trends to follow

    Home decor is a distinguishing factor that makes luxury homes stand out. Featuring elegance and grandeur, luxury home decor is all about transforming interiors into opulent spaces. Luxury home design redefines the urban living experience while also being susceptible to changes according to the changing trends.

    Here are the top 5 luxury home design trends that are in vogue.

    1. Metallic
    Brass and copper which were the trending metals of the past have given way to new metals like nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass. Artefacts like lamps and showpieces that feature a combination of these new metals are now the most preferred highlights in modern living spaces.

    Everything about aesthetics now is bringing in rich textures in a balanced blend. Industrial décor which includes raw metals and unfinished wood is one among the most prevalent trends. Adding desert plants, bleached wood and linen upholstery also make up for a unique combination of dimensional textures.

    Terracotta is gaining more recognition for floor tiling and accent walls as it is ideal for bringing in a natural charm to the décor. Using cork on walls and tables is also in vogue as it is great for absorbing sound.

    Creating more from less space is the modern ideology for home décor. Foldable furniture for optimisation of space is gaining much fans as a design trend. Beds, tables and storage spaces are now available as foldable to reduce the use of large chunky furniture that takes up space.

    5.Artistic furniture
    Furniture that is unique in design and aesthetics are the choice to make a difference in interior design nowadays. An unusual sofa or a table and chair with unique design can bring in a modern appeal as well as timeless elegance. The choice of design also plays an important role as adding a unique piece in a chosen corner is key in incorporating artistic furniture in décor.

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