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  • Top 5 Rooftop Amenities To Look For In Your Dream Apartment
    July 20, 2018

    top 5 rooftop amenities to look for in your dream apartment

    Rooftop amenities is a concept fast emerging in apartment dwelling in cities. Conceived from the need for optimum space utilization in a building to accommodate luxury needs amidst constraints, rooftop facilities have now become a redefining statement in premium living. Builders and developers are now bringing into play innovative rooftop concepts to facilitate an enhanced living experience.

    Below listed are the 5 prime rooftop amenities to look for in your dream apartment.

    Rooftop pool
    Infinity pools on the roof deck are all the rage in luxury apartments these days. Swimming sessions under the starlit night sky overlooking the cityscape is an enticing prospect to look forward to in one’s home after a tiring day.

    Working out in a rooftop gym enclosed by glass panels with a view of scenic surroundings will be much more enjoyable than exercising inside a suffocating room downstairs. Your workout regime is sure to get interesting in a breezy rooftop gym with panoramic sights around.

    Terrace garden
    Terrace gardens integrate the functional purpose of utilizing unused space and converting it as a comfortable area for relaxation and leisure as well as adding to the aesthetic value of the building.

    Gaming zone
    A gaming zone is another innovative approach for utilizing rooftop space for the recreational purpose of the inhabitants. A half basketball court or facilities for board games make a great addition to the rooftop by encouraging the inhabitants to spend their leisure time in the open.

    Party area
    Dedicated party areas on the roof bring all the fun and leisure upstairs without causing disturbance to fellow neighbors downstairs. From birthday parties to weekend family get-togethers, rooftop party areas let you enjoy the evening while also soaking in the scenic views.

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