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  • Top 5 Things To Remember During Sample Flat Visits
    December 7, 2017

    Top 5 Things To Remember During Sample Flat Visits

    Builders and developers often prepare a sample flat or mock-up apartment prior to construction of the project or during the process to show the customers what the unit will look like once completed. But, buyers should be aware that the mock-up will not always be a factual representation of the flat that they are hoping to receive.

    Here are the top 5 things to consider while visiting sample flats.

    1. Thinner walls

    Walls of mock-up apartments are often made with lighter materials and not bricks as they are only used for representational purpose. These thinner walls can create an illusion of the flat being more spacious and the buyer should not fall prey to this believing that the actual flat will be much more spacious than the prescribed dimension.

    2.  Carpet area

    Mostly, the total area that is advertised is the attractive figure of super built-up area which includes the entire space covering pillars and stairs and not the useable carpet area where the traffic inside a home is higher. The customer should ensure that the dimension of sample flat is accurate.

    3. Designer furniture

    The furniture in a sample flat is mostly high-end designer furniture to attract the customers. It should be clarified whether the completed flat will come with the same type of furniture, so as not to have unrealistic expectations during the time of delivery.

    4. Customised interiors

    Sample flats are often designed with luxury interiors, premium flooring and innovative lighting techniques which may not reflected in the actual flat. Buyers often overlook the fact these are done with the help of a professional interior designer and are under the impression that the real flat will also be done up the same.

    5. Missing doors and windows

    Replacing doors and windows with glass panels and sliding doors are another method that the builders employ to create an illusion of openness and space inside the sample flat. The prospective buyer should be careful not to expect a bigger apartment having seen a spacious mock-up.

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