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  • Top 5 things to do to prepare your home for the monsoon
    June 23, 2018

    Top 3 things to do to prepare your home for the monsoon

    The heavy downpour and the damp climate in the monsoon season are often reasons for leakages, mould build-up and other damages in our homes. And hence, to protect the interiors and the furnishing, prompt action should be carried out ahead of the monsoon season.

    Here are 5 important tips to get your home monsoon-ready.


    Water-proofing prevents water seepage and dampness that can lead to growth of fungus, mould or algae and can also cause allergic reactions, respiratory irritations and asthma. Ensure that different surfaces have effective water-proofing adequate for them. The 5 common area for water entry which includes the area below the ground, wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and balconies; roof, concrete water tanks and exterior walls should be properly water-proofed for a leak-free home.

    Furniture care

    The furniture should be cleaned with a dry cloth instead of wet cloth to prevent dampness and moisture from causing damage. Also, move the furniture away from doors, windows and balconies to avoid them getting wet. Keeping them at a safe distance away from the wall is also a smart solution to prevent the moisture on the walls from transferring to the furniture. Oiling or waxing the wooden furniture will avoid them from swelling up during the monsoon.

    Pest control

    Stagnant water and puddles during the rain will be the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. So, prevent water accumulation in air-conditioner ducts, drains, tyres, trays where potted plants are kept, etc. Also clean the terrace and rainwater drainage pipes to help water flow easily. Doing a pest control treatment before the monsoon is vital to eradicate hidden worms and bugs from the home. Also, when cleaning the floors, use antibacterial liquids to prevent growth of bacteria and termites.

    Clean surrounding areas

    Ensure that the surrounding area of the building, the compound or the garden area is well-maintained. Check if the trees in the compound or near the terrace need any trimming to prevent the branches from causing damage during heavy rain.

    Prevent rust and corrosion

    Check on the metal fittings in the home like doors, frames and grills in windows and balconies as the rains can speed up the rusting process. It is ideal to give them a coat of paint to prevent corrosion and to ensure durability.

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