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  • Top 6 Benefits Of Facade Screens
    November 4, 2017

    Top 6 Benefits Of Facade Screens

    Façade is an important factor in deciding the appearance of a building. But apart from serving the aesthetic purpose, a façade also has practical applications when incorporated in the architecture. Cladding the facade with metal screens is one such way to utilise the aspect to benefit the inhabitants of the building.

    Here are top 6 reasons to add metal façade screens to your apartment building.

     1. Aesthetics

    Metal screens add a unique appeal to the elevation of the building. They can complement the architecture in different geometric patterns and finishes and also add a visual interest to the building exterior.

     2. Durable

    Metal screens can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as winds and rains without compromising their structural strength compared to other materials. This means long term usage of these elements can be done making it a worthy investment.

     3. Sunscreen

    Façade screens regulate the amount of sunlight entering the building and thus are effective for reducing the intake of solar heat by the interiors. By deflecting heat, façade screens also bring down the need for cooling systems inside homes.

     4. Energy efficient

    By balancing ventilation, façade screens help manage the build-up of heat inside and hence are energy efficient solutions for cooling. These screening elements also control the light entering to provide adequate lighting indoors.

     5. Eco-friendly

    Metal screens are considered green materials used in design and construction of a building. They reduce energy use, are recyclable and also promote sustainability. Additionally, perforated metal screens are easy to transport to the construction site due to the reduced weight.

     6. Versatile

    Façade screens made of perforated metal can be easily bent and transformed to a specific design with ease. It can either be used as a lightweight decorative element or as a structural component of apartment buildings.

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