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  • Top Factors To Consider While Assessing A Neighbourhood
    July 26, 2018

     top factors to consider while assessing a neighbourhood


    Buying a home involves close scrutiny of the surrounding area along with the evaluation of various other contributing factors. Compromising on the neighbourhood will immensely impact the convenient life of residents, property investment and appreciation.

    So, here are the primary factors that should be evaluated to ensure a locality’s advantage.

    • Connectivity
    Accessibility is an important factor that evaluates the appeal and convenience of a locality. Proximity to major transportation nodes like bus, metro, rail, etc. is considered to enhance the appeal of a property.

    • Infrastructure
    The presence of wide roads with street lights is considered as an indication of good infrastructure in the locality. This also ensures hassle-free travel and an easy access to the locality for residents. The neighbourhood must also contain important social infrastructures like educational institutions, healthcare facilities and banks

    • Proximity to Workplace
    Professionals look for a neighbourhood which is closer to their workplace to avoid the hardships of daily commute through traffic jams in the city. Developers are now keen on areas closer to major IT hubs and economic zones for launching residential projects which will bring the benefit of the walk-to-work culture.

    • Civic Amenities
    Uninterrupted power supply and availability of clean drinking water every day are some among the basic amenities that a home buyer looks for in a locality. The lack of these indicates the absence of a peaceful life which no buyer will agree to compromise on.

    • Retail Facilities
    A neighbourhood that is self-sufficient with retail stores, markets and shopping complexes is highly preferred by families. The emergence of mixed-use projects which combine residential and commercial properties can be regarded as a reason to sustain self-sufficiency in a region.

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