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  • 4 Latest Trends in Curtain Designs
    May 4, 2018

    4 Latest Trends in Curtain Designs


    Curtains are often regarded as one of the most underrated décor items in the house. They can add an appealing charm to the interiors while also helping in maintaining privacy. Most tend to choose only between simple and crisp drapes or grand and vibrant pieces. There is a myriad of choices available while using curtains as decorative elements.

    Here are some of the latest trends in curtain designs.

    1. Matching materials
    Fabric types like double weaving cloth, jackard, printed polysterare are preferred lately for a much-sophisticated look and appeal. Another emerging trend is to choose fabric matching with the bed linen or that goes along with the walls of the room or overall décor of the house.

    2. Layering
    Layering materials and fabric tend to be another upcoming trend. Choosing a colour palette that blends with each other is preferred over the ones that are contrasting to one another for a neat and appealing look.

    3. Roman blinds and shades
    These are the preferred choice for providing a cozy look to the bedroom. Also used as a style statement, Roman blinds and shades are available in various materials like cotton, denim, jute and silk clothes.

    4. Longer and looser pleats
    Longer and looser pleats are used for their contemporary yet casual appeal that suits a home. Pinch pleated drapes are yet another choice for bringing in elegance and also for their ability to retain shape and hang beautifully for longer duration


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