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  • Wall Colour Options For Your Rooms According To Colour Theory
    January 24, 2018

    Wall Colour Options For Your Rooms According To Colour Theory

    Wall colours influence the ambience and appeal of the interiors. Colours even have an impact in pacifying and stimulating our minds. According to colour theory, each colour symbolizes a concept and painting rooms in specific colours will bring in the required effects.

    Following are 4 colour options and their impact on different rooms.

    1. Pristine white

    White is the perfect choice for making the room look big and spacious. When painted in white, a large amount of light is reflected making the room look brighter, while also accentuating other colours. Vastu recommends white for the ceilings as it symbolizes purity.

    2. Joyous yellow

    Yellow colour creates a happy and cheerful ambience in the room. Hence it is the perfect choice for children’s room or your bedroom. Yellow can also make a room appear large. Being a light colour, it is wise not to use it in areas involving too many activities as it can appear dirty quickly.

    3. Fresh Green

    Shades of green present a fresh and peaceful appearance. It is suitable for most spaces including dining room, bedroom or kitchen. Along with its soothing qualities, green can also make a bedroom look classy and majestic.

    4. Calm blue

    Blue provides a calm and sober appearance to the bedroom or bathroom. Room of gatherings can be painted in shades of blue to help make the guests feel calm and relaxed. Combined with other lighter shades, blue can also be used as the main colour in a room.

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