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  • 5 Versatile Ways To Add Colours To Rooms
    June 2, 2018

    5 Versatile Ways To Add Colours To Rooms

    Colours can enliven any space instantly. Be it the vibrant hues or subtle shades, colours brighten up the interiors of all homes. While playing a vital role to enhance the look of the house, colours can also add meaning to a room and boost its emotional appeal.

    Check out these simple tips to add colour to your home interiors apart from painting the walls.

    Wallpapers with bold prints and bright colours are great options for attracting attention in a room. Adding a bright wall paper on one wall and painting the others in light colours provide a unique appeal to any room.

    Bright floors
    Why leave the floors intact when adding colour to a room? Painted in vibrant hues or adding exciting patterns in flooring can transform the room completely. Let it be bright underfoot or have a checkerboard pattern of colours to accentuate the floors.

    Colourful window panes
    If you do not want to colour the entire room, paint the window pane trims in striking hues to make a drastic statement. This will also create a strong focal point in the room along with complimenting the overall interior design.

    The backside of the door
    Colouring the backside of the door is a smart choice to bring in some vibrancy without overpowering the interior design. Paint it your favourite bold and bright colours and watch it have an uplifting effect on the entire space.

    From a rug with bold prints and colourful patterns to a bright table lamp to ornate frames, colourful accessories can be employed to grab attention inside a room. Colourful indoor plants or artificial flowers are among the simplest tricks to infuse liveliness and vibrancy to the interior design.

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