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  • 4 Ways To Add Zen Decor In Your Home
    September 10, 2018

    ways to add zen decor in your home – flats and apartments in Calicut

    Your home should be your safe haven which lets you unwind and de-stress after a long tiring day. The ancient philosophy of Zen can be applied to real life apart from meditation and it transforms into a different direction of having a space which is simple and soothing. Adding Zen to your home promotes and quality and stress-free life while also creating a space for yourselves in your home.

    Here are a few methods to add Zen to your home

    1. Welcoming entrance
    The entrance of your home should be inviting and should set a peaceful appeal so as to make you feel relieved the moment you step in. It should be clean and devoid of unnecessary clutter, while also airy and soothing to the eyes.

    2. Bring in nature
    Making the indoors green is a great method to add to your home as loving nature is at the core of Zen décor. Bonsai plants and bamboo trees make the indoors lively and inviting while adding a water fountain in the living room make it blissful and tranquil.

    3. Natural aroma
    Soothing aromas add the Zen essence to any home. The natural and stress-free aromas and the natural scents of essential oils create a peaceful and positive ambience at home, while also infusing freshness and making your home a safe haven to unwind and relax.

    4. Earthy tones
    Soft hues and natural colours are soothing, peaceful and add a roomy feeling to any space. From getting the wall painted in soft hues to curtains and drapes in pastel shades to adding décor pieces in earthy colours, Zen décor can be incorporated in your house with pastel and earthy tones.

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