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  • Ways To Make Your Home Special This Vishu
    April 11, 2018

    5 Ways To Make Your Home Special This Vishu

    Scorching April heat with shades of yellow spread everywhere, you know it’s that time of the year to prep up for Vishu in great pomp and ceremony.


    Here are few ways to make your home look festive this Vishu –

    1. Flowers of Fortune

    Special flower for Vishu is the beautiful Kanni Konna that blossoms during this time. These vibrant yellow flowers are supposed to adorn the idol of Lord Vishnu on this special day. Decorate your home with these flowers smartly on the day of Vishu to give it an excellent festive look.

    2. Colour of Gold & Yellow

    Gold or rather, golden yellow is the shade of the Indian harvest festival, Vishu. Favourites of the season, Kannikonna flowers, mangoes and jackfruit are all yellow. You can add special touches of golden yellow in your house. For example, you can drape yellow curtains, bedspreads and cushion covers for the occasion.

    3. Vishu Kani

    The most important item of all – Vishu Kani, the first thing you have to see in the morning of the New Year. To set up the Vishu Kani, you need an Uruli, a metal plate made of ‘panchaloham’ (an alloy of 5 different metals that represent water, fire, earth, air and celestial space). Uruli contains all the seasonal fruits such as jack fruit and mangoes. A white kasavu pudava or a typical gold bordered Kerala fabric is also placed in this plate. There are other symbols of good luck like gold coins or Aranmula valkannadi which are also used in sharing the space on the Kani plate. You can arrange a beautiful uruli with more vishukani items implementing a lot more ideas in your apartment.

    4. Fragrance

    The air in the home can be suffused with the fragrance of agarbattis or joss sticks that cast spells of positivity to your place.

    5. Special Touches

    Other than traditional ideas, you can go creative by adding your personal touch as well. You can float a multitude of yellow flowers in a glass dish or even light brass lamps in the entrance as well