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  • What Millennials Look For In Their Dream Home
    August 24, 2018

    what millennials look for in their dream home - flats and apartments in Calicut

    The trend-setting generation of today, millennials now constitute the major chunk of earning class in the country. And so, their preferences, consumptions and decision-making are closely tracked by various industries. Real estate is one such sector that is also keen on focusing on millennials as they are also making home buying choices.

    Here Is An Analysis Of What Millennials Look For In A Home

    Happening Location
    Millennials seek a location which can accommodate their need for living the life to the fullest. They look for a home that is close to work as well as enjoys close proximity to the happening places in the city. Apartment projects that are strategically situated in the city with malls and major transportation nodes near are highly preferred.

    Integrated Communities
    Millennials look for thoughtfully designed integrated living spaces that provide all the necessary lifestyle amenities for a convenient living. Residential projects with clubhouses, recreational facilities, gym, party area, etc. are in their checklist. Integrated townships with educational institutions, healthcare facilities and employment centres are also desirable for millennials.

    Smart Homes
    Tagged, the tech-savvy generation, millennials don’t shy away from incorporating technology in their living spaces. They have a great affinity towards home automation systems, sensor alarms, video door phones, keycards, etc. Comfort and convenience along with style is their mantra, and they look for a modern home equipped to provide them with these three factors.

    Green Homes
    Even though abreast with technology, millennials are also conscious of the environment. There is an increasing trend seen among the generation in advocating green practices and eco-friendly choices. They look for homes that adhere to nature-friendly and sustainable practices like solar panels, rainwater harvesting, waste recycling, green trails, balcony gardens, etc.

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