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  • Why are monsoons the best time to invest in real estate?
    September 1, 2019

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    Monsoon is usually that time of the year when people do not move out to scout for investment options. Rather than avoiding investment opportunities during monsoons, investors should use this season to evaluate the pros and cons of the property’s quality and location to strike a good deal. With the heavy downpours creating sluggishness in the market, there is no better time to gauge the property regarding the possible construction glitches and also to judge the potential property investment value. Below listed are some of the pros of investing in real estate during the rainy season:

    1. Evaluate the quality of construction
    Monsoon season is the best period to check the overall quality of construction of the property. Check for signs of leakage or dampness from ceilings or in washrooms. Heavy rains help reveal major flaws in construction and planning which comprises of drainage issues, dampness on walls and plumbing quality, and become almost impossible for the developer to hide these flaws during monsoon.

    2. Understand the location
    Monsoon season lets you understand the location and its neighborhood way better than any other time of the year. It gives you insights on water logging situation prevalent in the location, accessibility to the area and towards other locations during rain, and also the upkeep of the premises. An understanding of these factors will help you make an informed decision considering the other options available within the same price bracket.

    3. Availability of infrastructure and amenities
    Potential homebuyers should visit the site more than once before taking a final call to understand the availability of infrastructural facilities and amenities around the property. Check for the availability of transport from the property to the nearest bus depot or railway station, schools or hospitals or even accessibility to the nearest grocery store.


    4. Negotiate price
    Minor flaws and glitches in the property can be used as chances for home seekers to bargain further and get a fairly good deal. And only a small amount from this profit is required to get those flaws fixed.

    5. Avail offers and discounts
    Monsoon season is a time when demand for real estate properties tends to dip. To boost sales, sellers are willing to offer attractive deals and offers on the property to sell it off at discounted rates.

    Own your dream home this monsoon season and move in at an auspicious time because what follows after monsoons are festival seasons and there is no better time to start or invest in something new! Book your dream home at Ladder Kerala, one of the leading builders in Kerala offering quality flats and apartments in Calicut and other major cities in Kerala.