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  • Why Brand Name Is Important For Real Estate Investment
    October 23, 2018

    brand name matters in real estate investment

    Being one of the biggest financial decision in one’s life, buying a home or a property is influenced by many factors like the budget, home loan interest rates, location, etc. Of these, the repute of the builder or the brand value of a developer is key in determining the success of the investment itself.

    Here are some reasons why a home buyer should look for a builder with a strong brand image

    When dealing with a builder who has strong credibility, the home buyer can be assured that there will not be any foul plays in the process. Also, a trusted builder will ensure that there are no discrepancies in the purchase-related proceedings like documentation.

    Reputed builders also come with expertise and years of experience in real estate. The properties and services they offer will be superior without compromising on the quality.

    On-time delivery
    Builders with good brand value also ensure that the project is completed and delivered on time. As they behold customer satisfaction, delay in delivery is not appreciated. Also, projects by reputed builders tend to be RERA certified and as on-time delivery is one of the major highlights of RERA, builders are bound to hand over the keys on the promised date.

    Greater return on investment
    The brand name of the property is sure to work in favour when selling or renting the property. As the value of the property will automatically increase with a good brand name, a huge revenue is also guaranteed from the property. Also, reputed builders tend to develop properties in upcoming localities which has a good emphasis on social infrastructure and connectivity, which ultimately leads to a higher return on investment.

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