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  • Latest Design Trends To Look For In Luxury Apartments In Calicut
    October 19, 2016

    Ladder Kerala has been focusing on building homes and apartments in Calicut, incorporating the latest designs and engineering techniques prevalent in the industry. The main objective of Ladder Kerala is to build affordable living spaces for the average buyer, without compromising the least on quality and design. Customized interior designs for single and multi-families using BIM systems, re-modeling, etc. are some of the specialties of Ladder Kerala.

    Design of interior and outdoor spaces is an important factor to be considered for a finely designed home! In older days, there was a distinct separation between the inner and outer areas within a home. But nowadays, it’s trendier if the separation is made vague and fluid by the use of glass walls, transparent screens, etc. This will create an impression of intersecting inner and outer spaces!

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    Another important design consideration is the staircase. It is the best area within a home where there is scope for many design improvisations without altering the main interior structure or design. The new trend is to place the staircase more close towards the front side of the home, which is a unique and experimental design change. This has contributed positively to the aesthetics of the overall design!

    Another important trend is to give more attention and space to the outdoor areas. Outdoor areas are as important as indoor spaces these days. This is the ideal place for the family members to sit together, have coffee in the evenings, and play games, recreational activities,whatever they like. Some designs even include fireplaces as in the Western countries, though this is more a matter of looks than use. Each of these apartments and flats in calicut are build with designs and materials which are resilient to adverse climatic changes and weather conditions.