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  • apartments in calicut

    When we decided to buy an apartment the first thing which came to our mind was to find someone whom we can trust and depend in the reality segment.That is when we heard about LADDER, the cooperative society which is a part of Calicut City Service Cooperative Bank.In our interaction, we found them very transparent and cooperative.Also we are really moved by the commitment of the team in delivering the flat on time.

    Apt No.3 B, Mankav Greens
  • luxury flats in calicut

    I have started interacting with Ladder through Mr. Joise – GM -Ladder, whom i find a very genuine and frank person, I never felt they have induced or shown me a glorified picture to make a sale. They have done a very quality construction, used all quality materials, and finished work well ahead in time.

    Apt No. 4 A Mankav Greens
  • luxury flats in calicut

    It was a difficult choice, given the kind of apprehension in mind on the capability of an institution in the co-operative sector to plan and build quality apartments at reasonable prices. However, a visit to the apartment complex built by the group earlier changed our outlook completely. We became early birds in the Mankavu Greens. When started interacting, we found LADDER very responsive, quality conscious and totally transparent. And the urge to complete the project on time was apparent. LADDER promised complete transparency in dealings and we were witness to them practicing the professed philosophy. To put in a nutshell, the acquisition has been a smooth affair, a hassle free exercise. The apartment is ready for occupation. We propose to move in shortly.

    Apt No.16 E Mankav Greens