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  • Tips To Cut Electricity Costs
    September 12, 2017

    Tips to cut electricity costs

    Increasing electricity bills are a concern in most Indian homes. Proper usage of home appliances and avoiding unwanted electrical fixture in your home can help cut down electricity costs to great extends and save your money.

    Here are some of such tips to bring down power consumption in your home.

    Going Solar

    Solar panels are an efficient home upgrade to not only supplement your power usage but also to minimize electricity bills. From heating water to powering lights at night, solar energy will help meet various power requirements in your home and will also let you follow sustainable energy practices.

    Lights and fans

    Major part of household power consumption is dedicated to using lights and fans. So, it is always advisable to use energy-saving light fixtures like LED bulbs and CFLs. These are not only economical but also provide more brightness in the interiors than standard incandescent ones. Also cultivate the habit of switching off fans when leaving the room as an energy-saving practice.


    ACs are another high-power consuming appliances. Instead of cooling down your home interiors to freezing temperatures in summer, regulate the usage to comfortable temperature of 24 degrees and the like to save electricity.


    Selecting a fridge with the ideal cooling capacity for your needs is also a deciding factor in cutting down electricity bills. Proper storage of food items, periodic cleaning of the interiors and adjusting the thermostat according to seasons will also help control power consumption.

    Microwaves and Ovens

    Microwaves and ovens aid in smart and time saving cooking, but are also influential in riding up the power units. Using energy-efficient microwave-safe utensils and avoiding repeated opening of the oven door while cooking are safe practices to reduce power consumption.

    Iron boxes

    Iron boxes with automatic temperature cut off settings are recommended to limit power usage as they won’t continue to feed on electricity after reaching the optimum temperature.

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